Who we are

Brainwave has grown organically over two decades, and now is a leading coaching and training institute students and professionals seeking success — especially in dynamic and complex organizations. We have trained over thousands of students and professionals working in World’s leading organizations like IBM, Accenture, Microsoft, Google to name a few.

We continue to deliver training at a level far above the industry standard with rigorous focus on skill, support and accountability required to sustain oneself in the industry. We are consistently developing our curriculum and our coaches to ensure that we maintain this high standard.

Our philosophy helps students and professionals expand their capacity to create open knowledge driven environment focussed on learning and success. With a focus on data use, open education, and knowledge collaboration, Brainwave produces new frameworks, models and theories that lead to transformative change in education practice and policy worldwide. Brainwave aims at bringing large-scale educational change through innovative trainings and professional development workshops, which focus on increasing access, use, and reuse of what really matters to the field of education--data, information, and knowledge.


  • The technology experts who have been provided by this training organization have been highly skilled professionals. They have been willing to take on the full role of a real mentor in this organization and have been accountable for standards within an outstanding training environment.

    Raman, Chandigarh